Tom Brady Gets Monster 10-Year, $375 Million Deal

Fox Sports, established in 1993, has a history of attracting Hall of Famers to its NFL Sunday lineup.

ESPN's acquisition of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, Fox's lead analyst, was a bold move, totaling $33.5 million per year.

Fox had Kevin Burkhardt as top NFL play-by-player, and former All-Pro tight end Greg Olsen as its next best analyst.

Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, was initially considered for the Fox Sports contract.

Fox Sports had a need for a big play approach, not a conservative offense.

Fox could have considered NBC’s Drew Brees, another all-time quarterback, but they seemed willing to split after one year.

Despite his career earnings, Brady has made a mere $333 million over his 23-year playing career.

There is a reasonable chance that Brady could become a broadcaster before he ends his time at quarterback.

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